Our Story

Friends Helping Friends was founded by Jonathan L. Jones in 1997. A native of Akron, Ohio Jonathan arrived in Los Angeles in 1977 and soon found himself caught up in the Hollywood fast lane. After many years of drug use, he reached a critical crossroads and made the decision to regain control of his life. He achieved sobriety through sheer self-determination and will-power and has maintained sobriety without any relapse for the past 17 years. After repairing his own life, Jonathan realized that he wanted to help others regain control of their lives by providing a comfortable and supportive environment…and so was born Friends Helping Friends LA!




Friends Helping Friends LA takes a unique approach to addressing the plight of homelessness by providing a home-like environment to those who would otherwise be homeless. We are significantly different from a homeless shelter because rather than having a warehouse full of cots, we house our clients in single family homes with all the amenities that typically come with living in a house—comfortable furnishings, the ability to cook/prepare your own food, the comfort and security of personal, private space and most importantly a family environment. While shelters provide a much needed service, they are only temporary fixes to a much broader problem.

At Friends Helping Friends we believe that the only way to truly break the cycle of homelessness is to give people hope of a better tomorrow. While our service falls under the title of “transitional housing,” we are much more than that. We not only provide the basic human necessities to survive, but also the love, support and resources necessary to move toward safe and permanent housing.

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